Our aim at Polly Purl is to share our passion for fun, modern fair isle and beautiful natural yarns. We want to create knitwear that is unique and luxurious so you will fall in love with it and keep it for a lifetime.


Polly Shacklady, Designer and Owner,

In 2009 I graduated from London College of Fashion with a degree in Surface textiles for fashion, specialising in knitwear. After interning with Pringle and Burberry, in 2010 I began work at Karen Millen as an assistant in the jersey and knitwear product development department. Gaining a better understanding of the manufacturing processes within commercial knitwear made me more aware of my desire to create hand crafted items.

Knitwear design for me is all about the combination of construction, materials, textures, colours and patterns. The freedom to be able to design every aspect and see these elements come together in one garment that is comfortable, flattering and stylish is why I do what I do.

Fair isle knitting gives me the ability to use all my passions: knitwear, illustration and working with colour. During my degree course I had always found these passions at odds- illustration seemed better suited to print. But once I began to work on my own Fair isle designs my style suddenly made sense. Inspiration can come from anywhere, often an abstract thought which through countless drawings and designs leads me to somewhere new. Using computer software and a domestic knitting machine means I can create intricate patterns with greater control and freedom.

Polly Purl is the accumulation of my experience in fashion and my passion for knitwear.

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